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Eastern Football Academy (EFA) soccer academy in Maroondah


Term based football coaching program to help improve your game

Girls' and Boys' Academies

  • Ball Mastery: Ground juggling. Lots of touches of the ball​

  • Speed, agility & change of direction with and without the ball.

  • Basic situations - 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 etc

  • First touch and ball striking.

  • Outcome-based small sided games and rondos to improve decision-making.

  • AFC/FFA Licensed Coaches with over 10 years experience.

  • Training in small groups to ensure individual attention.

  • Sessions are conducted on the all-weather pitch at a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility​ as part of our partnership with Croydon City

Croydon City Soccer Club

"It's never about gathering up & training the most talented kids.


It's about adding value to all of the players in our care and their holistic development. We measure our coaching on individual development and improvement.


Our main aim is to create a learning environment, that helps develop a passion and hunger, that makes them want to practice to be better."

Dave Oulton

Head Coach and Program Director EFA

Football Director Croydon City

NPL Phase Lead Dandenong City 

Assistant Technical Director Dandenong City

AFC/FFA B License

Dave Oulton


“Being coached by Dave has really been a great experience.


Working beside Dave has really pushed me to my furthest limits on the pitch and off the pitch.

His passion and determination in teaching me different skills day in and day out has really helped me to grow into the player I am today."

Fraser Brown

Melbourne City U16 NPL

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